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Product Description

Gabriel's Seeds is a fun educational software, which provides an engaging way of creating, sharing, and playing learning apps for children aged between 3-11 years old. This product will inspire children to develop their skills, math, logic, brain teaser, memory, nature, writing, and reading skills, languages, science, arts, music and much more.

It is an early childhood learning apps generator that offers a full and content rich online curriculum for pupils in preschool and kindergarten and curriculum support for 3 elementary grades.

Gabriel's Seeds is a freemium web application product with more than 140 (game templates) x 1000 (media rewards) x 600 (terms) x 8000 (images) x 7 languages and a combinations of learning lessons in free version. Standard product is free of charge, additional functionalities for teachers, schools and kindergartens are paid and listed in our Extras. This helps educators and teachers to fully personalize learning lessons for every child; in order to prepare all their young students for efficient education success in school and life in the long run.

This product allows you make a basic app in just two steps by combining:
1. Game templates and
2. Image gallery
Just choose game templates and fill them with selected pictures.

Alternatively, each basic app can also be filled with:
3. Video gallery
4. Games gallery
5. Background sound
6. Settings

All six components together form an engaging learning app.

Game templates

Above is a layout of the game templates, in the manner they will be presented to the app user (WYSIWYG). Templates need to be filled with content (images) to work properly. Template comes enriched with rewards and background sounds. You will get access to more than 60 game templates for combining with pictures and online media.

Groups of game templates:

Read more about GAME TEMPLATES


Image Gallery

It is hard to find quality pictures or animations, prepare them in a shape, print, cut. It is time consuming. Therefore we have prepared large image gallery for you and your pupils, ready to be used. Check image categories in IMAGE GALLERY. In addition, users may import own images togehter with sounds and combine them with our image galleries for even better learning experience.


Media Gallery

We have prepared media gallery that will help children education, targeting their interests but also taking care to limit third-party ads. There are countless sites offering free online games with bunch of side-by ads. We have found videos and free online games that support education, and student motivation in entertaining way. More read at VIDEO & GAMES GALLERY Users can import own media for more personalized learning experience.


The user hashttps://uages at their disposal and can switch to another language through the app. This is a great feature for young students to familiarize themselves with a foreign languages from an early age.


Background music

Gabriel's Seeds supports background music, and we've listed several Mozart songs that are proven to support children learning and creativity. Help us to enlarge our music list, send us your suggestions at info [et]


Each app or user account can be customized like media durattion within app, time between answers and similar, to fit pupils personal preferences.




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