What our users say!

"Gabriels Seeds are educational, different and very interesting games, through which children gain certain knowledge, skills and processes that encourage the development of creativity.
Game contents develop analytical thinking in the search for solution to problems.
Particularly interesting are the possibilities to independently create learning programs and to select rewards.
Pupils are motivated and very interested in this way of learning through play. It further develops their intellectual work and accelerates learning processes. Correct solutions paired with rewards, lead to discovery of something new, interesting and different.
Games can be applied in the context of teaching, in the phase of repetition and verification, as an indicator of adopting learning content. Learning can be customized into engaging and familiar content with the Gabriel's Seeds application.
Every child's free time can be fulfilled with the contents of this application as they learn to play, to know, to think, to create, to connect ..."
Martina Mikulaš, Elementary School Teacher, Zagreb

"I like the high level of personalization of learning content during use, and the mix of education and interest with the use of Youtube videos."
Kindergarten educator, Kindergarten Srednjaci, Zagreb

"I like to play on the PC, and I like most when I collect three smileys and get a reward."
Jakov, age 5

"We are very pleased that educators introduced us to this application. The children's idle time is now enriched with new learning content. We especially like that these apps are created by our people and that they are customized to children and their interests. We also enjoy the rewards, and the interesting educational videos."
Parents, Kidergarten Srednjaci, Zagreb

"The app is very usefull and interesting for children. It offers many opportunities and areas of development, and it is great that children can adapt the level of tasks according to their developmental status."
Alen Ptičar, Kindergarten educator, Petar Pan, Zagreb

"Children enjoy solving daily tasks, in competition, especially to win prizes for the correct solution. Thanks to you we even got the internet in our living room. Greetings from preschoolers "Pcelica" and educator Lidija."
Lidija Hranilovic, Kindergarten and preschool educator, Kindergarten Ivana Brlic Mazuranic, Zagreb

"The application is very simple, educational, useful and fun. It is so rich that I can not even explain everything. Talking with colleagues in the profession, we definitely recommend this application to all parents who want their child to spend quality time at the computer or tablet."
Lana Kihas, Kiidie entrepreneur & Kindergarten educator, Petar Pan, Zagreb

"The games are excellent and I understand how to play them. They are very appropriate for kids in the first four grades. I think this is now one of the best products in the virtual market and even when I compare it with the learning products for the English market and believe me I've tried them a lot :) Bravo !!!!"
Marlena Bogdanović, Elementary School Teacher, Makarska

"I am delighted to follow up on the appearance of new learning apps on Gabriel's Seeds. They enable development of logical reasoning and computer skill. They encourage the development of math, language and digital competence, all of which our children need today. As there are very few high-quality learning games in Croatia, this is an even bigger success and I hope that you will continue to create good content."
Lidija Kralj, IT Education Adviser, Algebra, Zagreb

"The learning games in Gabriel's Seeds, which have become part of our group curriculum, convinced us that despite the known negative effects of the use of media and technology at an early age, they provide a huge potential to boost early math and reading skills. We used them as an upgrade in the development of these skills that are primarily developed by the experience of manual handling objects and phenomena of the physical world.
          Computer use has been shown as an important mediator in social interactions, exchanging observations, discoveries, common problem-solving and reflection. More competent children helped in solving the problems of the less competent and unsure children.
Some of the games, for example continue sequence and visual grouping of objects, enabled certain children to play with greater agility and interest, rather than manipulating of traditional materials.
          The use of computers requires both educators and children to define the rules of use, which significantly improves their social skills.
          An important aspect was encouraging children to verbalize their thoughts during and after problem-solving.
Particularly encouraging is enrichment of games with appropriate content designed for elements of children's profiles, such as the observed learning styles of each child, which also fosters learning individualization."

Helena Gašpar, Kindergarten Špansko, Zagreb

"We have never seen anything like this".
[After seeing animusic videos.]
"Kittens" children group, ages 3-4

"Gabriel's Seeds are interesting learning games especially adapted for young learners and those who have some difficulties in learning. What I really like is the already created content that you can choose from according to your student's needs. The best thing is that you don't need to use the included material, you can also create your own various activities suitable for your learners. I noticed it was very motivating for SEN students as well. I hope the site develops even more in the future. Well done!"
Marijana Smolčec, EFL teacher and eTwinning "Inclusive Education" Group Moderator, Croatia

"We were searching for a software that would support individual learning for years because all learning apps were not able to accomodate according to indvidual needs of children.
With Gabriel‘s Seeds we finally have something that fits our needs."

Suzana Kovacic, kindergarten psychologist

"The children independently explored and learned through play, which is the main activity of children of early and preschool age. Vigotsky states that what the children can do together with adults, they will soon be able to do independently, and educators are precisely the ones that need to be sensitive to the child's "zone of the next development." Precisely this learning application Gabriel's Seeds 'opens children's windows into a richer world."
Dijana Jakasovic, project leader and kindergarten educator

From children mouth!

"How is it now loaded, do you send him a message?"
"I would now look and match when they cry and laugh and they're angry."
"We now know to play games on our GENGUPER [we guess it's a new name for PC]"
"No! These are our smajt [smart] games on our japtop [laptop]."
"We all know we get a prize for three small smileys."
"What's the name of the really funny one? You know, the Green Toad. „ (The Muppets)
"We can not play games for a long time because we will get thick glasses [square eyes, perhaps?]."
Kindergarten group "Kittens" aged 3-4, Zagreb