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How to use Gabriel’s Seeds?

Start page and Manual – contain detailed explanations.

Certain rewards do not run?

First, if you are using Google Chrome you have to allow flash files. Procedure for flash enabling: In addition, you'll have to add list of allowed sites that run flash files. Insert following url's into google chrome > setting > privacy > Flash > Allow web location:


Second, Youtube videos may become unavailable if their owner removes them. They will have icon like . As soon as we can, we'll replace such video.

I have added pictures to games but games are still empty?

Game needs to be selected in File Edit form. Selection is marked with blue border. Please do not use checkmarks for selecting games.

Another problem may be multiple checking of games. Checked games are not filled with content, only selcted game (with blue border around text description) is filled with pictures.

Why sound can not be heard?

Certain versions of Internet browsers do not support used audio formats. For best sound experience use Google Chrome, Firefox Mozilla, Opera and at least Internet Explorer 9 version.

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Why sound can not be heard for certain terms?

Database cleaning is needed, please send me a mail with spoted errors, or term is quite new and sound is not yet recorded.

Should I check blue empty selections among pictures in File Editor?

No, please do not check them. These are errors, meaning, database needs to cleaned. Consequence of using blue circles (empty selections) are errors in games. Just skip them.

Why drag and drop of images do not function?

For drag and drop functionality we have used HTML5 and CSS3. They are supported in latest versions of browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox Mozilla, Opera and at least Internet Explorer 9 version.

After installation of newest browsers still certain functionalities are not functioning?

You have to enable javascript in browsers and have to check internet speed connection.

For certain terms sound can not be heard and for many terms sound is functioning?

As database is growing there is a real chance that certain new terms have images or animated gifs but are not supported with sound. Sound will be implemented later.

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