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Our Results

Our Results

Children achieved the following additional results that were not expected at the beginning of the project, and which are indicated by observations.

1st PIVOT PROJECT - Preschoolers Group „BUTTERFLIES“

Children group age 6; Project start date – February, 2014; Duration 90 days

1st achivement – Teamwork

2nd achivement - Analysis of the problem, and thinking ahead

3rd achievement - Writing skills

4th achievement - Computer skills

5th achievement - Humor

6th achievement - Introducing new technology

Turn what they love, into what they learn!

7th achievement - Math and Logic

8th achievement - Controlled multimedia environment

Results of the project for educators:

2nd PIVOT PROJECT - Kinderagrtens group „KITTENS“

Children group age 3 - 4; Project start date – November, 2015; Duration 45 days

1st achivement – Feelings

2nd achivement – Counting to 10

3rd achivement – Colours

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