About Gabriel’s Seeds.

Gabriel’s Seeds is a leading software designed for constructing, playing or sharing learning apps for children.

At Gabriel’s Seeds, we strongly believe in the importance of encouraging persistence and flexibility in every child as these are essential thinking skills in ultimately developing the child’s own, unique creativity.

With Gabriel’s Seeds, your child is able to personalize lessons according to their interests and requirements, thereby promoting growth and increased learning skills at their own pace.

Just as the name suggests, Gabriel’s Seeds refers to the angel Gabriel who brought good news to mankind. Today, Gabriel continues to provide the same good news in the form of seeds of knowledge (which is a metaphor for learning process). As you know, knowledge for growing requires the correct environment, and application provides learning and a captivating environment. Gabriel’s Seeds’ innovative and cutting-edge software provides the exact platform for this!

Initially designed for autistic children, Gabriel’s Seeds has since been up-graded and further developed and can now be utilized by children of all ag-es (including children with special needs and healthy toddlers). In addition, it is ideal for older people requiring brain gym.

Drazen Klecina